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At Students.Freehosting.Net, I do not upload a massive amount of resources. Instead, I point you in the direction of HUNDREDS of web resources that will help you solve almost any projtect. The links page lists some good resources for research, such as 'Ask Jeeve's', where you can type in a question and he finds you an answer! Pretty reliable, and great for projects.

Also at Students.Freehosting.Net we have our own search engine which will search the whole web for you (just like any normal search engine)! And, when you find a site, it will tell you information about it, such as it's traffic, or how often it was updated, etc. It also covers 95% of the web! A very powerful search engine, you will find it at the top of this page and on the main page.

The biggest resource up here was written by one of my humanities teachers. This webpage contains many links to all sorts of resources for up to date information from the USA and from all around the university. From CNN to the daily Tokyo newspaper, this page is great for finding cultural/social studies type information.

Click here to visit the International Bookmarks page (The page with hundreds of links to all sorts of web resources around the world!)