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Currently there are not that many links here. If you can think of any worthy sites related to either education/student resources of Java games, please let me know.

Below are some links, all to worthy pages related to either education/student resources or Java online gaming.

1. is a great place to go and play some very original and cool Java games.

2. is a place that has many downloads, including some of the educational sort.

3. is a great place to find various graphics to soup up a project.

4. And the International Bookmarks are an excellent resources for information from around the globe.

5. While this technically appears to be a commercial site, this looks to be the place to go for any software related to Judaism, Hebrew and more. That, and there prices appear to be reasonable (especially for schools and people affiliated with them). Visit them at

And I recently discovered some new resources that will make any project easier!:

The AltaVista Translator is guaranteed to make any foreign language class much easier, as it can translate between English and many foreign languages, including Spanish, French, German, Portugese, and more!

And here are a bunch of reference sites that will work wonders. For the best online dictionary, visit! And for a thesaurus, will do the trick! For an encyclopedia, I would advise (notice a pattern here?). And, Ask Jeeves has always been a good service! You get to type in the question as if asking a real person, and it comes up with good answers almost all of the time! Well that's all for now.